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The Providence Northern volunteers tend to focus on building and operating the layout in our permanent location, but we do have a portable unit we bring to shows and exhibitions around southern New England.   Our original portable module was showing a lot of wear and tear from time on the road, so in 2017 we decided to replace it with a more modern module that looked good, was easy to move, and gave us a lot of flexibility in how it could be shown and operated.

Built in under six months, the new module is very lightweight, and has four sections.   Those sections can be assembled in three different combinations allowing us to set up a small display on a single table, a double table layout, or a larger L shaped layout that resembles what would be a typical small home or apartment sized layout.  The layout is designed only for Digital Command and Control (DCC).  The system will support two human operators, and has a control system that can autonomously operate two trains.

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